The Best At Home Pull Up Bars

Short Summary
  1. Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  2. Doorway Pull Up Bar

  3. Extendable Pull Up Bar

  4. Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  5. The Power Tower

1.ONETWOFIT Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

✅ Extremely Stable

✅ Multiple Grips

✅ Takes Up Very Few Space

✅ Can Even Be Used For Dips

❌ Has To Be Screwed Into a Concrete or Brick Wall

This one was for sure our favorite, it's easy to install, doesn't take up a lot of space and extremely versatile. As good for beginners as for experts. A perfect addition to your home gym.

2. Ally Peaks Doorway Pull Up Bar

✅ Can Hang In Any Doorway

✅ Cheap

✅ Easy To Install

180-Day Free Return

❌ A little slippery when you get sweaty

A great first pull up bar, cheap and yet it can hold up to 200kg and with it's different grips it's perfect for any starter or even intermediate.

3. ONETWOFIT Pull Up Bar

✅ No Screws, No Drilling

✅ You Can Put It Up Or Down Whenever You Want

✅ Comfortable Non-Slip Grips

Safety Lock

❌ Easier To Fall If Installed Incorrectly

❌ Only Wide Pull Ups

We like this bar because you can really use it whenever you want, perfect for your flexible lifestyle and builden your greek god back.

4. XMark Multie Grip Pull Up Bar

✅ EVERY Possible Grip

✅ Very Stable

✅ Great Non-Slip Grips

❌ Weight Capacity Not Listed

❌ Expensive

Target EVERY muscle in your back with this wall mounted pull up bar, great anti slip with all sorts of possibilities.

5. Power Tower Station

✅ Pull Ups, Dips and More

✅ Height Adjustable

✅ No Screws or Hanger Needed

❌ Takes up a Lot of Space

❌ Very Expensive

This is a necessary part of equipment for your home gym. It's definitely for the more experienced, but it gives you everything you need to get HUUUGE.

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