The Best Lifting Straps For Beginners

Short Summary
  1. Figure 8 Lifting Straps

  2. Gymreapers Wrist Straps

  3. RIMSport Weightlifting Hooks

  4. Stoic Olympic Lifting Straps

  5. ProFitness Weight Lifting Straps

1. Figure 8 Lifting Straps

figure 8 lifting straps
figure 8 lifting straps

✅ Available In Different Sizes

✅ Easy To Get On And Off

✅ Comfortable Neoprene Padding

One Year Warranty

❌ Some users reccomend buying a slightly bigger size than you measure

Our number one pick are these 100% cotton Cobra Grips, they're great for beginners, easy to put on and available in lots of different colors and sizes. These will help you a lot with focusing muscle groups and reducing stress on your wrists.

2. Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps

Gymreapers lifting straps
Gymreapers lifting straps

✅ Will Last You A Long Time

✅ Cheap

✅ Made With Cotton and Neoprene

Gymreapers Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (Read it on their website 🡓 🡓 🡓)

❌ A Little Harder To Strap On At First

These heavy duty wrist straps are great for those long heavy gym sessions with their adjustable size and incredible warranty guarantee. Built to last long and protect your wrists these are a must if you want to sky rocket your deadlift.

RIMsports Weight Lifting Hooks
RIMsports Weight Lifting Hooks

3. RIMSports Weight Lifting Hooks

✅ Industrial Grade Padding

✅ Multiple Colors

✅ 100% Neoprene

Adjustable Wrist Width

❌ Tricky to get on and off

❌ Fits better if you have bigger hands

These weightlifting hooks, with their industrial grade padded straps and fortified metal hooks, will never fail you. These are perfect for adding weight to your sets and stablizing your wrists all throughout your workout.

4. Stoic Olympic Lifting Wrist Straps

Olympic wrist straps
Olympic wrist straps

✅ Compact

✅ Great Weight Distrubution

✅ Break In Easily

✅ No Slip

❌ Better for the more experienced

These compact leather grips can carry nearly any weight, they break in very easily and the leather makes it impossible to slip.

5. ProFitness Weight Lifting Straps

Profitness lifting straps
Profitness lifting straps

✅ Ergonomic

✅ Great Durability

✅ Lifetime Warranty

❌ First time they might be a little tricky to get on

These very basic lifting straps absolutely do the job. If you're more of a modest kinda guy these are just what you need. Keep to yourself and keep grinding.

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