How to do a One Handed Push Up

Learn how to do and train for a push up with just one hand


5/6/20232 min read

One handed push-up
One handed push-up

One-handed push-ups are an advanced variation of the classic push-up that requires a great deal of upper body strength and stability. This is an exercise you have to know to impress others, I mean we all remember Bruce Lee's two finger push up. It can be really helpful to fight muscle imbalance and above all it's great for adding resistance to your push-up so you can keep progressively overloading your muscles even at home. First the correct form:

  1. Start by getting into a normal push up position

  2. Then put your feet apart so that they are lined up with your hands

  3. Put the hand you want to use closer to about where you would do a diamond push up

  4. Go down controlled with your body in a straight line apart form the shoulder of the unused hand which should bend a little to the ground

  5. Go down deep enough and then push, try thinking that you're pushing the ground away and not yourself up

  6. And repeat

It's normal if you can't do one on your first try so here ill give you some exercises which will help you get there faster:

Archer Push Ups: Start from normal push up form but spread you arms so when you go down you bend one arm and keep the other straight to the side but still on the ground. This will help you build strenght for a one arm push up.

The One Arm Elevated Push Up: Put your hand on an elevated platform, this could be a chair a bench, anything really and do the same push up. This will help you get the right form and train your muscles. As soon as you can do ten on each arm try and lower the platform a little every time. Keep repeating this and you'll master the form and strength.

The Assisted One Arm Push Up: Put one of your arms on a box, plank or book or something a little higher and the focus your weight on the arm that's on the ground. This way you have the stability of a normal push up but the resistance of a one arm push up. Keep putting the box further from your body to make it harder, and then you can even try just using a few fingers on the box. Once you've perfected this you're ready for a One Armed Push Up.

Combine these tips and you'll be doing one arm push ups just like Goku in no time. Keep it up!