The Best Battle Ropes For Your Home Gym

Short Summary
  1. POWER Guidance Battle Ropes

  2. ReeHut Battle Rope

  3. Perantlb Weigthed Rope

  4. GSE Battle Rope

  5. Nordic Lifting Gym Ropes

When you imagine a hard cardio workout you envision battle ropes and turning tires, so probably have thougt of adding these intense exercises to your own training sessions, we are here to assure you find your best fit and can start burning fat and building muscles while looking cooler than ever.

✅ Extremely Durable

✅ Free Bonus Hinge

100% Polyester

Very Easy Setup

❌ More Expensive Than Others

These Power Guidance weighted ropes come with a free hinge as a bonus, are easy to install and will last you very long. If price is an issue for you these might not be the right fit but we definitly found it a worth while investment.


2. REEHUT Battle Rope

✅ Available in Different Weigths

✅ Cheap

Very Comfortable Handles

❌ Less durable than others

If you're looking for the perfect price/quality ratio the Reehut battle rope is exactly what you need. Perfect for beginners and the more experienced these will help you develop your dream physique.

3. Perantlb Battle Rope

✅ Durable

✅ Available in Different Sizes

✅ Perfect To Get Started

✅ Non-Slip Handles

❌ Weight not listed

The Perantlb Battle Rope is available in six different versions with different lengts and diameters so you can return and exchange until you have found your perfect fit. They are durable and easy to use, great investment.

4. GSE Battle Rope

✅ Great Handles

✅ Fully waterproof

✅ Different Weights

✅ Easy To Install

❌ Start to fray quickly but only on the rope

With their comfortable grip they easily get a spot in our top 5, perfect for in you garden or garage and will still last a while even after initial fraying.

5. Nordic Lifting Battle Rope

Superb Quality

Callus Protected Handles

360° Anchor Kit

✅ Superior Durability

❌ Expensive

These will last you for a very long time and will get you sweating quickly. They have superb quality and are very durable. Plus you get an all purpose anchor kit to install it.

IF you want to know the benefits of battle ropes and a load of great exercises with them read our blog post about it !

Why Use Battle Ropes

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