Always Look Up

Confidence is key


4/11/20231 min read

Gym Motivation
Gym Motivation

When you decide to think you have some degree of control over certain parts of your life, you start to look up.

When you think you're a victim of life and circumstance, you start to look down.

Looking up is a method of getting through difficult circumstances and thriving; it calls for bravery, hope, faith, and responsibility.

Looking down might "create" harsher circumstances and make the fantasy of bad luck a reality. It eats negativity, justifications, uncertainty, and unbelief.

Where you go will depend on how you appear.

Although though we don't have much control over many aspects of life, by concentrating on the things that we can, like gazing up, we can drastically alter the course of our lives.

The bad gets easier, the good gets even better, and the hopeless gets optimistic as you look up.

Although it is impossible to measure or determine the impact of perspective and mentality, it is your most valuable commodity in the game of life.